Do you dream of building your own home - a home designed and customised around you and your individual lifestyle? Are you struggling to find a suitable plot of land in your chosen area?
Custom build could hold the key!
Government Measures to Increase Custom Build

Right to Build

Eleven vanguard councils have been chosen by the Government to pilot its Right to Build Scheme. These councils must establish and maintain a register of prospective custom and self-builders in their area and begin to identify shovel-ready sites for those on the register - becoming the first to offer local people the right to design and build their own home. More info

National Planning Policy Framework
Local Authorities are now under a duty to assess demand for “people wishing to build their own homes” and where demand exists, address it. More info

Custom Build Investment Fund
A £30m Revolving Fund available from HCA to stimulate the growth of the Custom Build Homes market by enabling more multi-unit Custom Build Home projects and attracting more commercial lenders and investors to this market. More info

Community Infrastructure Relief
Custom builders have been granted an exemption from the Community Infrastructure Levy. More info

Help to Build
The Government plans to extend its ‘Help to Buy’ scheme to Custom Builders with the introduction of ‘Help to Build’.  This would mean you could build with only a 5% deposit.

Local councils muct now assess demand for self build / custom build
Your dream home could soon become a reality, thanks to a new custom build initiative, with considerable support from the Government. Custom build sites are emerging across the country on both council-owned and privately-owned land - divided into individual serviced plots. Register today to make sure you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity.
  • Set up in 2012 by BuildStore, the UK’s leading provider of support and services to self builders, The Custom Build Register is the UK’s biggest and most established Register of its kind.
  • It is used by local authorities, councils, private landowners and developers across the UK to ascertain demand for self build / custom build and incorporate in local plans.
  • The Custom Build Register is an easy way to make your voice heard - join forces with others and push for land release in your chosen area.
  • By registering, you can make sure you’re first to hear about new custom build opportunities in your chosen areas and you will receive personal invitations to custom build public information events.

Custom Build Register
A custom build home is built on a site which has been divided into individual plots by an enabling developer. You choose your plot and the design of your home to be built on it - and your level of involvement. Click here to read more.
Custom Build Sites