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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get/source your plots, renovations and conversions?

New plots, renovations and conversions are sourced daily from over 11,000 sources including estate agents, auction houses, private sellers, MOD sites and church bodies to name a few. We verify the status of these opportunities on a continuous cycle to make sure the information you see is up-to-date.

How do I view the latest opportunities added to the PlotSearch database?

We are continuously adding new opportunities to our database. You can sort your search results by date, this will allow you to view the most up to date plots. Remember new plots are added daily.

Do you have any non-self build opportunities?

Yes, our Land4Developers membership allows access to all self build plots as well as larger development sites and development flats. See further details on Land4Developers...

I have a plot/renovation/conversion for sale. How can I add it to PlotSearch and how much does it cost?

There are no commission or listing fees to pay to advertise with us. Add your plot here...

How do I view a plot that has been sent to me in an email alert?

Log in to PlotSearch through your web browser. Leaving the browser window open, click on the link which has been emailed to you and the plot will display in the web browser.

How do I register my interest in a PlotShare?

Simply view the plot report of interest to you. Follow the link on the plot report to register your interest in a plot share. More information on PlotShare

What is the difference between all the planning permissions?

Outline planning permission (OPP) grants approval on the principle that the land can be developed, while detailed planning permission (DPP) deals with the actual design of the proposed dwelling. For info why not download our factsheet on planning.

If a plot is under offer can I still make an offer on it?

In England, an offer can still be made on a plot that is currently under offer. In Scotland, once a plot is under offer, no further offers can be accepted unless the sale falls through. A plot remains under offer until contracts have exchanged in England or Missives have been concluded in Scotland.

Do we have to wait until the auction date to make an offer or can I buy it prior to the auction date?

Not always, with a subscription, you will be able to view the sellers contact details. If this is an auction house, you may contact them with any offers, which may be accepted prior to auction.