The Scottish Self Build & Renovation CentreLivingston, Scotland

Who is the Scottish Self Build Visitor Centre for?

Bathrooms exhibit

The visitors centre is designed for anyone interested in building their own home.

Anyone who has peered at magazines, read articles or enviously viewed someone else's self build project will benefit from the Self Build Visitor Centre. The centre provides practical, professional and technical information on all subjects of the build from hiring trades and professionals to sanitary ware and decoration.

Roofing exhibit

Who Self Builds?

From our experience self builders come from all walks of life. There are the obvious candidates - the Architect, the Designer, the builders and the tradesmen - but just as often there will be the Computer Programmer, the Civil Servant, the Accountant and the Teacher. Self build magazines regularly have articles on those who have built their own homes and the wide variety of people from all walks of life and with different incomes and ideas is evident.

Tiling and Lighting exhibit

Self Builders can enjoy:

  1. Being able to build on the location of your choice
  2. Being able to have a say in the design of the house to suit your lifestyle
  3. Getting more for your money
  4. Enjoying a great sense of achievement
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