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Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans are short term loans that can be used for a range of purposes.

You may need access to an emergency cashflow to save a property chain from collapse, or you may need quick funds to complete a renovation, conversion or refurbishment project.

At BuildStore, we have relationships with a leading panel of UK-based lenders who offer exclusive products that could help you in these situations, whether you’re an experienced property developer or a first time builder. Our short term funding team will offer one to one support to get your deal over the link quickly and make the process as simple as possible.

Bridging loans offer a maximum 24-month repayment term and a clear, faster, and often less expensive financing option than longer term mortgage or remortgage options. You will need to provide a clear exist strategy which may include refinancing, a sale of the property or other means.

BuildStore can offer up to 75% loan to value (LTV) through one of our lenders with a minimum loan size of £25,000 and no maximum loan size restrictions (dependent upon your ability repay the loan).

If you aren’t sure whether bridging finance is for you, here are some uses:

  • Property auction finance
  • Saving a property chain from collapse
  • Property refurbishments where a property is deemed uninhabitable (no bathroom or kitchen)
  • Fast property purchase - landlords and investors
  • Land without planning
  • Buy to lets
  • Raising capital and emergency cashflow situations

Our lowest rate (at time of writing) from our panel of lenders is as low as 0.47%, with a variety of other interest rate options based on your personal circumstances. And there are no age restrictions on any bridging loans offered through BuildStore.

If you think bridging finance might be the answer to your build project, then contact BuildStore today. We have expert advisers with the type of knowledge and experience that you won’t find elsewhere.