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Custom Build Mortgage

Custom Build Mortgages

Did you know that you can design and build your own home in the UK as part of a fully supported custom build process?

With a custom build project, you purchase a plot of land with all services and infrastructure in place. Your custom build home is facilitated by a developer and supported by a range of professionals. You can choose to be as involved or uninvolved as you wish, from designing and building your own home with an architect and builder, or you can work with a developer on site to a fixed budget and timescale.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll own the property as it is being built, paying for it in stages as the build progresses. This differs from a standard residential mortgage where the funding is provided as a lump sum for completed homes. At BuildStore, we’ve created a range of exclusive custom build mortgages to suit the specific needs of custom builders and your stage payments will be tailored to your bespoke home’s costs.

Our exclusive custom build mortgage products offer up to 95% of the land and build costs, either in arrears or advance, making it easier for you to stay in your existing home while your custom build home is built.

Speak to our specialist advisers who will take time to fully understand your needs and help you find the best funding option for your project, no matter which custom build route you choose. Enquire below for a custom build mortgage.