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Ideal BoilersNow in our centenary year, Ideal Stelrad is one of the most respected names in the heating industry, and the only company in its field to have achieved ‘World Class Manufacturer’ accreditation in the prestigious IBM and London Business School UK manufacturing survey.


Our manufacturing plant in Hull is part of only 2% of all manufacturing sites in the UK that have been individually judged as meeting the criteria for World Class Manufacturing status.

To ensure their reliability, each of our boilers is subjected to an extraordinarily stringent regime of product assessment, including application testing as well as laboratory and field trials.

The Ideal brand is among the most respected in the industry; trusted by the trade and relied upon by homeowners to provide a long lasting, first class service in a variety of different homes and for all manner of applications. Our reputation for reliability and innovation is backed by our total commitment and dedication to deliver cost-effective, high-quality products and solutions, supported by an unrivalled customer and after-sales service.

The Ideal Boilers high-efficiency range covers the majority of all applications, namely system, combination, system store and heat-only, so no matter what system design the appliance is required to power, there is an Ideal boiler that is perfect for the job. Furthermore, all of the boilers in the high-efficiency range are rated either SEDBUK A or B, meaning the householder saves money on their gas bills.

The range encompasses:

  • classic HE – wall-mounted heat-only boiler
  • icos HE – wall-mounted heat-only boiler
  • icos system HE – wall-mounted system boiler
  • isar HE – wall-mounted combination boiler
  • istor HE – loft / utility room fit system store boiler
  • excel HE – wall-mounted combination boiler
  • mexico HE – floor-standing heat-only boiler
  • mini HE – wall-mounted combination boiler

For technical assistance on our range please phone our dedicated helpline on 01482 498663.

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Ideal Boilers and Stelrad Radiators

The Ideal excel HE - high efficiency combination boiler

Ideal excel HE

The Ideal excel HE - high efficiency combination boiler

Ideal icos HE

The Ideal icos HE - high efficiency heat only boiler

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