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Catnic has pioneered the steel lintel for more than three generations and supply the construction market with quality, technically superior products, backed by excellent service.

Lintel Benefits

Duplex Double Protection System
Catnic lintels employ not one, but two methods of protection
against corrosion attack: Catnic's unique, sophisticated Duplex double protection system is additional to the Z275 galvanised steel used in manufacture. This distinctive benefit is a core characteristic of Catnic's standard range of lintels, and is manufactured and supplied at no extra cost to customers.

Duplex double protection system

Built-in Damp Proof Course
Many Catnic lintels have a built-in damp proof course (DPC)*, which saves time in construction as no additional DPC is always necessary. To satisfy NHBC and Zurich Municipal technical requirements, Catnic lintels only require a separate DPC in severe exposure areas. Please refer to the Catnic Lintel Technical Guide on our website for more information. Insulated Core Catnic's lintels feature integral insulation to maximise thermal efficiency and minimise cold bridging.

The Range

Catnic manufacturers a comprehensive range of lintels for all types of construction.

Step 1: What is the wall construction?

  • Cavity wall
  • Timber frame
  • External solid wall
  • Internal partition or load bearing wall

Wall construction

Step 2: How wide is the structural opening


a) Measure the size of the structural opening i.e. the open space between the walls where the door/window frame is fitted

b) Add 150mm minimum to each end

Stuctural opening

Step 3: What load is to be supported by the lintel

Types of load include:

  • Roof trusses
  • Floor joists
  • Masonry
  • Combination of the above

Supported load of lintel

Step 4: Once you have:

a) Outer leaf e.g. 102mm
b) Cavity e.g. 60mm
c) Inner leaf e.g. 100mm
d) Lintel length e.g. 2100mm
e) Load e.g. 15kN

You can choose what type of lintel to use:

Type of lintel

PLUS we have a wide range of accessories to complement your specific lintel requirements, from arch centres to soffit cladding.

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Information from Catnic

Feature Lintels

An experienced Feature Design Engineer can provide inventive design solutions in various styles of bay window, gothic and apex arches, bulls-eye and corner feature lintels.

Service Benefits

Catnic has the expertise and experience to offer a first class design and advisory service through any building project. The Technical Team of engineers qualified in construction enable Catnic to offer a first class design and advisory service. The Catnic Lintel Advanced Scheduling Service (CLASS). CLASS is the most comprehensive free lintel scheduling service available to the industry.

One clear, concise document provides:

  • A description of each lintel
  • Lintel location in the building
  • List price
  • Delivery time
  • Guaranteed structural adequacy under BS 5977: Part 2

Support Material

Catnic has developed quality support material to help you with your projects. For technical and pocket guides, CAD disks or installation cards please visit: or call us on 029 2033 7900

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