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Information from Hepworth Drainage

Hepworth Drainage is one of the largest drainage manufacturers in the world. Founded almost 150 years ago, Hepworth Drainage has maintained a reputation for product quality, technical knowledge and support, and commitment to customer service.

The Hepworth Drainage range encompasses both Clay and Plastic drainage systems. As the only UK manufacturer to offer both materials we can provide impartial advice on the most suitable products for any application.

Our Clay and Plastics systems are supported by a full range of complimentary products fittings and accessories, to provide complete solutions. These include
Waste Water Treatment Tanks, Access Systems, Linear Drainage, Geotextiles, and Stormwater Attenuation Products.

For technical assistance on our Drainage product ranges please contact our technical advisory service on: Tel 0870 443 5551 or Fax 0870 443 5552.

As previously mentioned at the beginning of this Drainage section there are 4 options to deal with foul drainage, Hepworth Drainage supply solutions to deal with 3 of these options:

Option 1: Connection to the Mains

Connection to the mains can be carried out though either a clay or plastic drainage system. Hepworth inspection chambers can connect to both clay and plastic systems as required.

Hepworth Clay Plot Drainage

  • 100mm diameter SuperSleve HouseDrain
  • 150mm SuperSleve

These Clay pipes and fittings are designed and developed specifically for around the house plot drainage. SuperSleve pipe and fittings provide a push-fit foul and surface water drainage system that is easy to understand and simple to install by almost
anyone. SuperSleve can support and enhance the sustainability of most self build projects.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Meets all of the UK requirements of the Building Regulations part H and The Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990.
    (contact BuildStore for further details)
  • Fast and easy installation with factory fitted sockets - means fewer joints made on site
  • High strength pipes
  • Reduced bedding materials can be used
  • Increased sustainability and lower installed cost
  • Clay Drainage Installation

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Information from Hepworth Drainage

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Clay Drainage Installation

Clay Drainage Installation

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