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Hepworth Plastic Plot Drainage

PlastiDrain pipe & fittings are designed for foul and surface water applications:

  • Based on 110mm & 160mm diameter pipes
  • Includes a range of fittings, gullies and inspection chambers together with a wide range of adaptors for connection to a variety of other pipe systems

Universal Inspection Chambers

We offer a selection of inspection chambers, ranging from mini access chambers to telescopic chambers (dependant upon the depth required) which can be easily connected to either Clay or Plastic drainage systems. They provide a cost effective alternative to concrete or brick manholes and easy access for inspecting and rodding drainage runs.

Telescopic PPIC

The new safe solution for reduced access inspection and maintenance for drains up to 3m depth for connection to either clay or plastic systems.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Height Adjustable
  • New Safe Solution For Reduced Access Inspection
  • Fast & Easy to install
  • Can be connected to Clay & Plastic Systems

Considering Bedding Materials for your Plot Drainage

Adequate bedding materials must be used for all drainage pipes, Hepworth Drainage recommend the following:

Bedding Materials Required for your Plot Drainage

  • Most sustainable option: Re-use as dug or selected excavated material (clay only)
  • Less sustainable option: Use recycled aggregate (clay only)
    Least sustainable option: Use primary aggregate with clay or plastic

Re-use as dug or selected excavated material as replacement pipe bedding

  • Minimises the use of natural resources such as primary aggregate
  • Reduce the vehicle movements to and from your site
    Reduce the environmental impact of your project and reduce installation costs

Use Recycled Aggregate as Pipe Bedding

  • Reduce your liability to aggregate tax
  • Re-use construction demolition waste for clay pipe bedding
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your project

Primary Aggregate

  • Primary aggregate provides the highest level of structural support
  • 10mm single sized aggregate is required for 100mm diameter drainage pipes
  • Primary aggregate is the least sustainable option of all those available

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Information from Hepworth Drainage

Hepworth Drainage

Telescopic Inspection Chamber

Telescopic Inspection Chamber

Universal Inspection Chambers

Universal Inspection Chambers

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