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Option 2: Hepworth Septic Tank

A tough, impact resistant and leak proof tank, supplied with a soakaway system package for an effluent disposal system.

Product Features & Benefits

  • One piece polyethylene body with high impact resistance
  • Inlet neck swivels through 180° for drain alignment
  • Internal baffle system provides easier de-sludging
  • Sturdy lifting eyes for easy installation
  • Effluent disposal system supplied (includes pipe and fittings required)
  • 4 models to suit populations from 1 to 22 people

Option 3: Hepworth Mini Treatment Plant

The Hepworth mini sewage treatment plant uses proved and reliable 3 stage submerged aerated filter technology to provide exceptional effluent quality. The plant is robust and reliable to provide long and trouble free operation. As the submersible pump is the only mechanical component, maintenance and running
costs are very low.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Reduces main pollutants by up to 96%
  • Models to suit populations from 1-120 people
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low running costs
  • No unpleasant odours and quiet operation
  • Cost effective, easy installation
  • Royal commission standards met allowing discharge to water courses
  • Full service packages available

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Information from Hepworth Drainage

Hepworth Drainage

Hepworth Mini Treatment Plant

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