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Stage 2 - How to use your Trade Card
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The BuildStore Trade Card affords its customers with the following benefits:

  • All building materials and supplies at trade discount prices
  • Increased spending power
  • Expert help and advice
  • Enhanced service levels.

So, how do our customers access these benefits?

After you have completed your application forms, trade accounts will be opened for you at Wolseley (Build Center, Plumb Center, Drain Center etc.) and our list of select suppliers. This will ensure that your card can be accepted with a merchant and that you will be benefiting from our price promise.

This is a simple procedure and you should receive your BuildStore Trade Card very quickly.

Getting to know you

BuildStore Trade Card is supported by a dedicated account coordination team. Once you become a Trade Card customer, you will be allocated an account coordinator who will support you throughout your build. It is your coordinator’s job to ensure that you make the most from using your Trade Card and that you are getting the service and support you need from your merchant supplier.

Should you be using a builder, a project manager or other we will be very happy to liaise with them.

Your Account Coordinator will pass your details on to a merchant in your area who is capable of supporting your needs. BuildStore works with national merchants such as Wolseley. You will receive a welcome pack from your merchant, an invite to your local builder’s merchant and a self build account manager will arrange to visit your site.

From this initial contact we can develop a build profile for your project. This build profile will enable us to consider the materials needed for your project.

Once we have learned a little more about you and your project, we will send you a Trade Card manual. Information on this manual can be found in the side panel on this web page. The manual will provide you with all the information you’ll need to help make decisions along the way. It is a goldmine of information and we are confident that you will find it very useful.

How much will I save?

As every self build/renovation project is different and material costs vary from region to region, it is difficult to put an exact figure on a saving. However, if you were to use the Trade Card over the course of your build you would expect to save 10-15% on the cost of materials, as much as a free kitchen!

The Trade Card team

BuildStore have a dedicated customer service team, in place, to support you during your build. The Trade Card team will be on-hand to help you during the pre-build and build stages, offering advice, contacts and product offerings.

It is up to you how much you rely on the team but, when you speak to us, we can learn more about your build project, and can offer you more savings. The Trade Card team can help in all areas of expertise in self-build, help you plan effectively and make you aware of special deals. Our Trade Card team are here to support you throughout the course of your project.

Your Account Manager/Accredited Branch

The Trade account team also liaise closely with Account Managers from Wolseley. The Key account managers will stay in close contact with the self-builder, looking over plans, visiting the site and offering advice on choices and special materials.

When your self-build requires more specialist advice and materials, BuildStore is able to offer you some unique direct deals and services. Our partners, SIG Roofing, for example, will undertake a site visit and provide specialist advice on wallplates, ventilation, trusses and fixings….not to mention materials and options!

Direct Deals/Specialist Suppliers

BuildStore Trade Card has a number of agreements and partnerships in place with specialist suppliers. These partners are selected because they have an expertise in their area and are renowned for the quality of their products.

Often, these partners will supply specialist products that cannot generally be purchased through a builder’s merchant; products such as carpets, drainage products, insulation or even eco-friendly materials. Products such as these complement those available through Wolseley UK and all products are available to our customers at truly competitive prices.

BuildStore continue to pursue agreements with outstanding companies in order that our Trade Card customers reap the benefits.


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Trade Card Manual

What is the Trade Card manual?

Trade Card manual

Online Trade Card Manual

Essentially the Trade Card manual can be viewed as your project manager. It is a guide to self-build which divides your build project into manageable Build Stages. It arms the self-builder with all the essential information you'll need to make your purchase decisions along the way.

The manual is divided into 17 stages of self-build. Each stage provides;

  • a practical guide to the choices available at each stage of build
  • tips and advice to keep your project moving
  • a list of key materials
  • key items needed to plan or order in advance of your build stages
  • notes and contacts sections

Your Trade Card manual really will become your Self-Build Project Bible!

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