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At BuildStore, we've made it our mission to solve the problems, traditionally associated with mortgages for homebuilding projects. You'll find features like higher lending percentages, advance stage payments and guaranteed payments based on your project costs.

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Why BuildStore?

Specialist Mortgage Products

Cashflow is the lifeblood of a successful homebuilding project. Having the right funds available at the right time during your project is critical. That's where BuildStore's exclusive mortgage products come in.

Many years ago, while working as a property lawyer, BuildStore's CEO Raymond Connor realised that the mortgage products available to customers building or renovating their own homes, seemed to be fundamentally at odds with their funding requirements, and in many instances, preventing projects getting underway at all. He set about creating products designed in line with the actual needs of homebuilders. He made it his mission to solve the common problems they faced - and so BuildStore came about. As a company, more than twenty years later, we continue to develop innovative products to make building your own home easier. We're proud to have played a huge part in revolutionising the self build and custom build market in the UK.

Over 20 years of Experience
Lending Percentages
Different Mortgages

Our award winning Accelerator Mortgage was created to provide funds earlier in the build and more money with up to 95% on land and build costs compared with 75% for most other lenders. We now also offer cost based mortgages which also means your payments are guaranteed based on the cost of each stage of your project, regardless of valuations by the lender. Your costings are checked by industry experts to ensure sufficient funds are available, guaranteed. Guaranteed payments - now there's a difference you'll appreciate when things get hectic onsite, and you're facing unforeseen circumstances.

To provide our lenders with the additional security required to lend more money earlier than standard lending policy would generally allow, BuildStore has created a unique mortgage indemnity guarantee and build out cover.

BuildStore has an exclusive panel of lenders - in the main consisting of building societies - who true to their roots are keen to help you build a home.

The reason these lenders offer mortgages exclusively through BuildStore and our intermediary arm BuildLoan, is our unbeatable experience and watertight process - supporting you from start to finish.

Since Accelerator, we've continued to develop and extend our product range. There are now over 60 different mortgages you can access offering a variety of benefits. Most of our lenders are moving to cost based mortgages - meaning your payments are guaranteed based on your project costs either in advance or in arrears. But, all of them offer higher lending percentages than you'll find elsewhere and you'll also find other helpful perks such as interest only during the build, to keep costs low.