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Everything Eco Weekend - 11th-12th July 2009

Everything Eco Weekend Serious about creating a more eco friendly, sustainable home? There are a mind-boggling number of different eco technologies available on the market, from natural loft insulation through to whole-house heat recovery systems. Unfortunately it's often difficult to get past the sales 'spiel' and understand just what will actually work for you, what it will cost you, and what energy it will save.

The Everything Eco weekend will give you an independent and practical introduction to the whole spectrum of eco technologies you can use in your build or renovation project, using a comprehenesive schedule of seminars, workshops, debates and case studies.

Seminar & Workshops Timetable



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10.00 - 10.45

Intro to Eco

Dave Hilton

11.00 - 11.45

Budget, Land & Finance


12.00 - 12.45

Eco Self Build Case Study

Edward Tucker

13.00 - 1245

Open House Debate

Eco Experts

14.00 - 14.45

Eco Renovation Case Study

Dave Hilton

15.00 - 15.45

Trades, Materials, Project Management

Paul Matthews

16.00 - 16.45

Eco Payback

Dave Hilton



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12.00 – 12.45

Renewable Energies for your Renovation Project

Bob Harris & Mike Hillard

14.00 – 14.45

Renewable Energies for your New Build Project

Bob Harris & Mike Hillard

Seminars In Detail

Intro To Eco – Dave Hilton
How to eco self build: find out what legislation encourages and enforces.
In this introductory seminar, David Hilton, BuildStore’s Eco Building Advisor, covers eco design, eco technology and eco finishes: find out what’s available and if they are relevant to your build.
Budget, Land & Finance – BuildStore
The rudimentary components for any self build or renovation project.
This seminar equips you with the essentials to get you started: from setting the basic budget: finding land; through to obtaining the all-important finance.

Self Build Case Study – PassivHaus – Edward Tucker
Originated in Germany where there are now over 10,000 PassivHaus certified buildings, but none yet in the UK.  Edward Tucker provides a brief overview of the design and technical challenges of designing to the PassivHaus standard, drawing on a Wiltshire case study by way of example

PassivHaus is the gold standard for very low energy buildings, using typically 90% less than a standard UK building.  With high levels of insulation and air tightness, triple glazing and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.  PassivHaus buildings do not usually require a conventional space heating system and are heated by their occupants and solar energy, in other words via ‘passive’ heat gains.

Case Study
Open House Debate
Self Build versus Renovation – which is more eco-friendly?
An informal ‘open-house’ style session devoted to answering this all-important question.  Compered by the Centre’s Self Build Advisor, Mike Hardwick, our eco gurus (David Hilton, Bob Harris, Mike Hillard and Paul Richards) take to the stage and enter into grand debate.  Join us in readiness as we throw open our doors – the floor is yours.
Open House
Renovation Case Study – “Home & Away” – David Hilton
David Hilton provides the low-down on two of his own eco projects: the first takes a look at his own home - a 1983 timber-frame bungalow renovated on a tight budget - including complete kitchen and bathroom replacement.  The second is a Tuscan Villa ruin that has been totally resurrected.  Find out what products and processes were used and why and what challenges David faced and overcame!
Trades, Materials & Project ManagementPaul Matthews
You’ve set the budget, found the land, obtained finance, in this seminar you’ll learn how to get the best from your project once you’ve started.  Learn how to get cheaper building materials without compromising on quality and understand the basics of project management in order to successfully undertake the management of your own project. 
Payback – David Hilton
Eco products and technologies discussed from the all-important pay-back perspective.  An independent look at what needs to be considered to cut through the green wash and sales hype.

Workshops In Detail

Renewable Energies for your Renovation – Chaired by Bob Harris & Mike Hillard
Join a workshop with a small group of like-minded individuals in order to discuss your projects with the experts.  Find out what renewable technologies are suitable for retrofitting to your renovation project, from solar panels through to underfloor heating. 

Renewable Energies for your New Build – Chaired by Bob Harris & Mike Hillard
A chance for a more personal discussion with the experts and with other visitors.  This workshop allows you to share your thoughts with others, quiz the experts, and hear what others think about eco technologies.  Find out what renewable technologies are suitable for you to install in your new build, from ground source heat pumps through to wood burning stoves.


Edmund McManus
Edmund's work focuses mainly on residential projects, both apartment
developments and new build houses, as well as conversions and extensions
for individuals. A bonafide member of the Green Register, Edmund's design
philosophy focuses on the quality of spaces and the connectivity between
them both inside and outside. He has completed five of his own self-build

Edward Tucker
Edward will be at the event to discuss a Wiltshire PassivHaus project he has worked on. 
Edward Tucker Architecture work to produce designs which are both sustainable and creative.  Their portfolio includes everything from private house extensions, barn conversions and work on listed buildings, to new-build homes and commercial developments.

Leigh Bowen, 50° North. 
Leigh will be providing architecture advice at the event.

50° North’s ‘Fairlawns Eco Renovation’ won the Federation of Master Builders Award in the Energy Efficiency Category in the National and Regional awards 2008. The project also picked up the Best Building Award by the Green Guardian for the South West London region and the overall Best Building categories 2008. The project is featured in the January edition of Ideal Homes Magazine.

Eco Building:
Bob Harris
Bob will be joining in our eco debate and providing today’s workshops with Mike Hillard.
Bob Harris is the current FMB Master Builder of the Year 2008 for Energy Efficiency

Dave Hilton
A serious eco-enthusiast, Dave has renovated his own home using various eco technologies to save energy.  Dave’s knowledge covers the wide spectrum of eco technologies available, and will happily speak to you about what you can use in your own project, along with advising you on payback timescales.

Mike Hillard
Mike Hillard joins us as an Eco expert this weekend. Mike combines what is often thought to be impossible - the beautiful with the truly sustainable. It is claimed that Mike has built 'the lowest energy house yet' which you can visit at - all products within the house were especially created with low carbon living at the forefront of their design.

Self Build Expert:
Mike Hardwick
Since completing his own self build project in 2002, Mike is now a self build enthusiast.  As if to prove this point, he even went as far as to join the National Self Build & Renovation Centre team as our Specialist Self Build Advisor.

Trades & Materials:
Paul Matthews
Paul has years of experience in the construction industry, managing builders’ merchants and working as a TradeCard advisor.  His knowledge of trades & materials will help you in planning your project.





Eco Associations

Wiltshire Wildlife TrustWiltshire Wildlife Trust is the largest environmental organisation in the County and is heavily involved in behavioural change programmes to help people live more sustainable lifestyles.  Wiltshire Wildlife Trust will be present at Everything Eco to advise on energy saving in the home, waste minimisation, and greener living in general, as well as assisting local groups to become environmental champions.

The Green Register: a training and membership organisation for construction professionals.  
It is all very well specifying green products for your project, but you need to know that your tradesmen understand them.  The Green Register provides free access to their database of hundreds of green-minded construction professionals, such as builders, architects and project managers.  Members have considerable experience and knowledge of sustainable building issues.

The Code for Sustainable Homes
Stephen Cains, Senior Planner at Swindon Borough Council, will be providing help and advice on the Code for Sustainable Homes: a framework and checklist for sustainable construction for new homes.  Complying with the Code can lead, in some instances, to planning permission being more readily obtained.

Future Foundations
Future Foundations was set up in 2001 by Sustainability South West with the aim of normalising sustainable construction in the South West. As one of Future Foundations projects, in 2007 they launched the South West Sustainability Checklist for Developments , a free on-line tool aiding planners and developers in making sustainable decisions at the master planning stage of any new build. Lesley Seymour, Chairman of Future Foundations, will be on hand to provide specific advice on the South West Check List & general advice on Sustainable Development as a whole.

More Events

For more information please contact the National Self Build & Renovation Centre on 01506 409 616.

What’s In The National Self Build and Renovation Centre

The National Self Build & Renovation Centre is open to the public all year round, check our opening times hereBuilding The Dream is the first in a series of events throughout 2009, you can get more information on the rest of the events calendar here.

The Potton Show Home
A beautiful example of what’s possible with a self build.  Potton, who provide timber-frame buildings, have created this show home with a high-spec interior which will definitely inspire you to kick-start your project this year!

Renovation House
A full-size model of a derelict Victorian terrace, with an audio tour walking you step by step through its renovation.  The Renovation House tour helps you visualise what can be done with what may initially seem a write-off; and will leave you filled with confidence to try it yourself.

Education Journey
The audio education journey walks and talks you through the planning process of a self build or renovation.  Covering groundworks, foundations, materials, roof styles, brickwork and more, the Education Journey will provide you with a good background knowledge of everything you need to be aware of.

Trade Village
The Trade Village is a permanent exhibition space, with over 240 supplier stands featuring a range of products from foundations to kitchens.

Selection of Experts
The Centre is open all year round, and we have a handful of in-house experts here on a permanent basis to give you independent advice.  Our experts specialise in planning and design; building techniques, and eco-building.

Potton House

Renovation House

Trade Village


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