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Five benefits of building your own home

Deciding to build your own home can be a scary thought at first. However, there are plenty of benefits to a self build project.

You'll Have Full Creative Control
If you're building your own house, you'll have full control over the designs, which makes sense as no one can design your perfect dream home. If you were to buy an already existing house, chances are you'll find it a lot harder to feel genuinely at home. By building a new home, you'll be able to add whatever features and extensions you want.

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You'll Feel Great
There's no better feeling in the world than finishing a project and being happy with it, the same goes with your self-build; once that final screw has been turned and bedroom painted, you'll feel like you're dreams have just come true. Some even say it's a better relief than childbirth – not really, but you get the point.

Higher Profit Margin
Experts have estimated that self-built homes are worth on average 25-30 percent more once completed than the initial cost to build them; you'll be happy to know that if you were to sell at any point in the near future, you'd make a decent profit as experts are optimistic that the UK housing market will reach higher highs in the coming years.

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Eco-Friendly and Modern Technology
Building your dream home might include the installation of smart technology or energy-efficient ways of heating and cooling the whole house. It's a lot harder to do this when buying a home as you might require planning permission for things such as solar panels. If you've bought your own plot of land, this problem for many people in the UK won't be a concern for you or your fancy new house.

The feeling of a finished project
Higher average profit on house sale
Self Build more accessible than ever

More Affordable Than Before
The costs of building your own home have never been as affordable for people that previously wouldn't be able to afford such a privilege. There are plenty of government schemes and fair mortgage lenders that BuildStore will help you find which will help to cover the costs without the previously expected financial panic that comes with borrowing money.

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Bottom Line
Owning a house within the UK has changed dramatically over the past decade and building your dream home has changed just as much, it's now more accessible and less of a headache. There are plenty of resources out there to help you in your journey such as BuildStore.