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Eco Workshop

The National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon is the UK’s only permanent exhibition centre for self build, renovation and home improvements. The friendly team of experts at the NSBRC are there to offer the advice and guidance you need to be on your way to creating your dream home.


Eco Workshop

  • EventEco Workshop
  • LocationNSBRC, Swindon
  • Dates 7th November 2020

The Eco Workshop held at the NSBRC is really helpful and insightful, whether you are looking to save the environment or save money! The Eco experts will give you a wealth of independent and informed advice and information on the latest energy efficient technologies, products and services, sustainability and responsible building principals.

Each workshop throughout the year focuses on a particular aspect of energy efficient homebuilding which means you can select which to attend based on which would be most beneficial to your project - or indeed go along to all!

29th February 2020

This workshop promises to answer all your design and planning queries, from traditional to more modern building methods.

13th June 2020

This workshop will look at the particulars required when building a high performance property or one that utilises natural materials, in addition to the role of the self builder within a project.

15th August 2020

Get the information you need on everything from heat pumps to solar panels from the experts.

7th November 2020

Find out about the important eco issues and what measures you can take to make your home more sustainable and energy efficient.

Upcoming Dates

Date Loaction Cost
7th November 2020 NSBRC, Swindon FREE entry
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