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Self Build Course

The National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon is the UK’s only permanent exhibition centre for self build, renovation and home improvements. The friendly team of experts at the NSBRC are there to offer the advice and guidance you need to be on your way to creating your dream home.


Self Build Course

  • EventSelf Build Course
  • LocationNSBRC, Swindon
  • Dates 31st October 2020 - 2nd November 2020

The centre holds the Self Build Course every couple of months which is specially designed for keen self builders. Delivered over 3 days (Saturday - Monday), the course covers 11 topics in total and the informal workshops make use of the superb practical exhibits available in the centre to provide attendees with a level of knowledge which guarantees their projects will go more smoothly.

It is really ideal for those who are looking to embark or indeed have already started a self build or renovation project as it will give you a real grounding and knowledge of each aspect of self building.

  • Budgeting and finance
  • Finding and evaluating land
  • Design and specification
  • Building systems and construction methods
  • Planning permission and permitted development
  • Building regulations
  • Trades, contracts and tendering
  • Project management and site set up
  • Eco legislation
  • Eco design, planning and management
  • Internal services

I have learned more in three days than I would have done in years on my own.

Upcoming Dates

Date Location Cost
31st October - 2nd November 2020 NSBRC, Swindon £395 inc VAT per person
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