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Mr and Mrs Lebbon - New timber-frame Potton home

Mr and Mrs Lebbon

Ian and Bronwen Lebbon, a semi-retired couple from North Wales, loved the location of their existing home so much, they didn't want to move. So, instead they decided to build a magnificent timber-frame Potton home in their spacious south-facing riverside back garden with spectacular views over the Welsh valleys.

Ian and Bronwen selected their 145,000 Potton 'Rectory' timber frame house because the style complemented their existing home (the village rectory), and it sat well in the beautiful Welsh landscape. The couple worked with the architects at Potton to customise their build, to fully maximise their breathtaking views of the Welsh valleys.

A large extension to the south facing side of their build was added, housing their master bedroom complete with a balcony and the living room below. When looking at financing their project, the Lebbon's first approached their high street building societies, however, as soon as they mentioned they wanted a mortgage for self build, they were politely shown the door.

Their bank was more willing to lend to them, based on the large amount of equity tied up in their existing property, however, the finance was all upfront and at a very high interest rate. Ian wanted a smoother flow of funds for his project.

Lebbon HomeHe says "we'd visited lots of exhibitions, searched online, read magazines and BuildStore's name just seemed to crop up as the logical place to speak to, all the time. Nobody else offered advance stage payment mortgages or all of the many other bits and pieces they can do.

We visited the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon and it was so nice to have somebody really interested in what you were doing, rather than just interested in selling to you!"

Iain says "Without BuildStore's help, we would have struggled and could not have built this spectacular house. It's stressful enough trying to build a house, without having to worry about the finances.

The extremely smooth flow of the Accelerator product worked for us. I knew exactly what target I was working to and what money I would get upfront for the next stage. Most of my bills were 30 days grace and the Accelerator product meant I could pay my bills on time and keep things moving. As soon as we certified the individual parts of the build, we got the next stage of money through."

The Lebbon's build was completed in 18 months at a total cost of 382,000 and a build cost of around 80 per sq ft. Their house is now valued at around 750,000. Ian and Bronwen have no plans to build any more houses. They say wild horses wouldn't drag them away from such an idyllic spot!

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