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If there was ever a piece of Government legislation that could make it easier for you to design and create your own home, The Right to Build is it. If you want to change your local area for the better and create an incredible home for you and your family, sign up today.

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The Right to Build Register

Across the UK, there are plenty of people who dream of living in a home that isn't identical to hundreds of others across the county - bland, predictable designs, built by developers to make the maximum gain from the minimum quality. We're all familiar with the long snagging lists associated with new builds and often just accept them as the norm. We've grown to expect small rooms and prescriptive layouts in new builds - that's just par for the course - isn't it?

No. We deserve more. With Custom Build we don't have to settle for boring anymore. If you cross over to somewhere like Holland, you'll find whole streets full of bespoke homes that have been designed and created with individuals and families in mind. This is the norm in Austria, Germany, America, Canada and countless other countries. Termed as custom build or custom built homes, this form of housing is widespread. Our Government wants to make it the norm here too and it hopes it can go some way to address the housing shortage in the UK.

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So what can you do if you want to design or create your own home but can't find the right plot, in the right location?

You can add your details to The Right to Build Register, to help your local authority make better informed decisions about the housing in your local area and bring forward more plots for self and custom build.

The Right to Build Register is about changing your local community through better homes. It's about giving you the power to make a difference to your local area.

From 1 April 2016, legislation has been in effect granting you the right to build or commission your own home in the area you wish to live. Every local authority has an obligation to satisfy the demand for custom and self build housing, in its entirety, by granting planning permissions for suitable serviced plots within a three year period up to or above the number of registrations made for their area each year.

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Exercise your rights and sign up to The Right to Build Register today and you can start your journey to an exciting and bespoke home

Right to Build Register