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Accelerator Mortgage

BuildStore created the Accelerator Scheme which quite simply releases funds at the beginning of each stage rather than at the end. What's more with Accelerator, it's possible to borrow up to 95% of your land and build costs.

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Accelerator Mortgage

Created by and exclusive to BuildStore - the Accelerator stage payment mortgage gives you the money you need when you need it!

With Accelerator your lender will release money at the beginning rather than the end of each build stage. You will also get the cash you need to fund the early stages of your build - including your plot or property purchase.

Not only are your mortgage funds released in advance, you can borrow more with the higher lending percentages available with the Accelerator. You can borrow up to 95% of your plot or property and build costs, which means you could be able to get your plans underway with a deposit as low as 5% deposit.

There is a range of Accelerator products on the market offered, by a number of leading lenders exclusively through BuildStore. The overall cost of an Accelerator mortgage is very similar to that of an arrears stage payment mortgage - but with the added benefit of money upfront.

With Accelerator, the stage releases from your mortgage are guaranteed and based on your costs, as opposed to the value the works add to the build. This gives you certainty in your budget and peace of mind knowing you can plan for and pay your bills on time. If you’ve chosen an off-site manufactured building system such as timber frame, SIPs or ICF where you may be required to pay for your system in full before it even leaves the factory, Accelerator means you’ll have the cash to meet your supplier’s payment terms.

Positive cashflow is the lifeblood of any homebuilding project and Accelerator ensures you have the cash you need, when you need it, to pay your tradespeople and suppliers – whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.

As a cash buyer you can take advantage of the best deals and time restricted offers on materials. The improved cashflow offered by the Accelerator mortgage means you can stay in your current home while you build your new one and you can retain your own funds until later in the project or to maintain a good contingency.

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