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BuildCare Site Insurance

BuildCare Site Insurance has been developed by BuildStore and provides comprehensive, highly competitive cover for your project.

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BuildCare Site Insurance

In a self build project - as in life - sometimes things can just go wrong. And if your project is hit by flood, fire or theft - or a member of the public, or one of your tradespeople, has an accident on your site - it can seriously affect your ability to finish your new home.

Site Insurance from BuildCare gives cover to people who are self building, renovating or converting an existing property for their own habitation - and our cover extends to projects in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Our policy provides you with protection and financial recompense so that, if the worst does happen, you have the peace of mind, and the funding, to continue your project as planned. Every project needs it - and lenders will insist on it.

Even if your main contractor or builders have their own site insurance, and you're not personally responsible for subcontractors, plant or materials on site, you'll still need public liability cover in advance of them starting work and when they're not on site.

For absolute security, it makes sense to arrange your own site insurance to ensure you have continuous cover throughout your project.

Make sure that you arrange for your BuildCare Site Insurance policy to start as soon as you buy your plot of land or property - that's the point when you become liable for any injuries to members of the public on your site, even before the building work starts.

Legal Expenses
Should anything go wrong with your project, BuildCare Site Insurance will pay, on your behalf, any legal expenses relating to contractual disputes which may reasonably be pursued against professionals, local authorities, suppliers, or contractors involved in the project, as well as eviction actions.

Period of Insurance
Choose from a 12,18 or 24 month policy term for your site insurance, based on how long you think your self build or renovation project will take.

Remember that you need your cover to be in place as soon as you buy your land or lot and for your protection to continue right up to completion of your project.

We have several different site insurance options for you to choose from, as well as the option to convert your site insurance into buildings insurance upon completion (if you expect to finish your project within the policy period).