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why buildstore?

BuildStore is the leading mortgage adviser in the UK, specialising in mortgages and finance, specifically for homebuilding projects. We've helped more than 28,000 people successfully build their own homes.

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Why BuildStore?

When it comes to finding the best mortgage for your self build or renovation project, it's not as easy as dropping into your high street lender, or hitting the mortgage comparison websites to find, what seems to be, the most competitive rate. Most high street lenders shy away from this type of lending because they simply don't understand it and the concept of lending money against a property that's not yet built, holds little appeal.

With this type of mortgage, you'll need a more specialist approach
Although the definition of a homebuilding project is broad - from self and custom build, renovating or converting an existing property, to making some major home improvements, there's no doubt in every case the key to success is a sound financial base. And, that's where BuildStore can provide critical support.

From planning, projections and cashflow to securing the right mortgage, we can help to put your finances firmly in place, so that you can get on with the exciting challenge of creating your very own dream home.

We've helped more than 28,000 people successfully build their own homes. Or, to put it another way, we could now fill a medium-sized town with BuildStore projects. Our knowledge of construction and homebuilding finance really is second to none.

One of our key achievements is the access to funding we've created through specially tailored mortgage products, delivered by a panel of leading lenders and exclusive to BuildStore Mortgage Services. It really sets us apart from other mortgage brokers and it's a difference we're sure you'll appreciate.

At BuildStore, we've made it our mission to solve the problems, traditionally associated with mortgages for homebuilding projects, making it easier for you, to design and build your dream home.

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You'll find that BuildStore's team of specialist advisers know exactly which providers are lending to self builders and renovators in the UK at any given time - and they also have access to a range of exclusive mortgages offering features such as higher lending percentages, guaranteed stage payments based on your project costs and advance stage payments.


If you're looking for information, advice and tailored mortgage products to fund your homebuilding project, you've come to the right place.

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