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Deciding on the best way to fund your project can be daunting but this is where BuildStore comes in. We are experts in home improvement finance and we can offer a range of funding solutions from all of the top lenders as well as exclusive mortgage products not available elsewhere.

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Project Types

Home Improvement

BuildStore Mortgage Services is the UK’s leading homebuilding finance expert, with access to a range of borrowing solutions including exclusive mortgages specifically designed for home improvement projects, offering competitive rates and guaranteed upfront payments. Our specialist mortgage advisers will recommend and tailor a borrowing solution that is right for you, to achieve your new and improved home.

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The BuildStore Difference

  • Specialist knowledge & expertise
  • Exclusive products and lenders
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Interest only payments during the project
  • Guaranteed upfront stage payments available
  • Tailored cashflow to suit your project and payment schedule

Your Borrowing Options
There is no one size fits all solution. The way you fund your home improvement project depends on your personal and financial circumstances, the level of works planned and whether you own the property or not. There are a number of borrowing options available for home improvements - some more suitable than others. That's why it's important to speak to BuildStore's expert mortgage advisers, who will explore your options and the right solution for you.