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Why settle for less? You can choose the location, size, design, internal layout, fixtures and fittings, as well as all of those personal touches that make a house a home. Create a quality, unique, home for you and your family, just as you want it.

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Why Self Build

When it comes to finding a new home, it's easy to think we have the choice of an older, existing property, or a new build, on a volume developer site.

While an old property likely comes with considerable character, much like an older individual, it will invariably come with some health issues and associated costs for its long term upkeep too. Equally, much like a child, a new build property requires a very careful eye on it, to ensure any issues are spotted early on.

If what you're looking for is a high quality, energy efficient home that is tailored to your own individual lifestyle and design specifications - self build may hold the key.

This is a common misconception that you need to have some construction expertise to self build. The reality is that most self builders commission a range of companies to carry out the work on their behalf, and then either self manage the project, or employ the services of a project manager.

Another common misconception is that you'll need to stay in a caravan on site, as your new home is built, and of course, you'll probably run out of money part way through - because that's what happens on TV, right?

Wrong. The reality is that with BuildStore, you can stay in your current home, while your new one is being built and you needn't run into cashflow problems mid build, because BuildStore will tailor a mortgage to suit your project costs, ensuring sufficient money is available at each stage.

If you're tempted by self build, why not take a look at our BuildPartner Directory which is full of experienced self build architects and package build companies to help you create your dream home. You'll also find plenty of design inspiration in our Gallery, real life stories in our customer Case Studies and current builds to follow in our #InstaGallery.

Most importantly BuildStore's team of experienced self build mortgage advisers are on hand to offer guidance on funding your bespoke home.

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