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Buying a run-down house that needs significant renovation or converting an old building such as a barn can be the ideal way to get the house you want at a price you can afford.

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Project Types

Renovation & Conversion

When it comes to funding a renovation property, it’s worth noting the majority of high street lenders will only offer a mortgage on a property that they consider to be habitable (with a working bathroom and kitchen) eliminating many ‘unconventional’ and renovation projects. So if you want to buy a property that is derelict, or want to convert a non-residential building such as a barn or warehouse, you will most likely need a more specialist approach.

BuildStore Mortgage Services is the UK’s leading expert in renovation and conversion finance and we have helped thousands of people create their ideal home from a virtual ruin. We have a number of different products available to you and the suitability of each will depend on the type of project you are undertaking and your personal circumstances.

Our specialist mortgage advisers have access to a wide variety of mortgages from the top lenders as well as our exclusive Accelerator Mortgage Scheme which can help you buy and renovate with only a small cash deposit. Our advisers are specialists in renovation and conversion finance and understand fully, the requirements of such projects.

To give your project the best possible start, speak to BuildStore Mortgage Services today and find out more about the options available for your build.