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Your BuildStore Journey

You're about to embark on an exciting and pretty life-changing journey. By funding your project with BuildStore, you will have the strongest possible support network behind you. A dedicated team will be on hand every step of the way, to ensure a smooth, successful and stress free journey!

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Mortgage Support

Your BuildStore Journey

Your BuildStore journey can be broken down into five key areas and teams.

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Firstly, you'll discuss your project and financial circumstances with a specialist BuildStore Mortgage Adviser. With our experience, expertise, and range of exclusive products, you can be sure we'll recommend the mortgage product that is most suitable for your project.

We'll talk you through the mortgage features, any associated fees, and fully explain why the recommended product is right for your project. If you're happy, we will secure a mortgage agreement in principle from the lender and start the ball rolling on your full application.

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Our in-house team of skilled underwriters will guide and support you through the mortgage approval process, talking you through each step and clarifying anything you may be unsure of. We'll collate and thoroughly assess your application before we send it off to the mortgage lender, pre-empting any questions we think they may have, to ensure you receive a speedy mortgage offer.

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With your mortgage approved, our support and guidance doesn't stop there. Our customer support team will work with your solicitor to release the first funds from your mortgage to purchase your plot or property, and start building works. We will be on hand to facilitate the quick and efficient release of all stage release funds, and to help to resolve any issues or deal with changes to your plans or costs that could affect your mortgage.

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When you're almost ready to move into your new home, your mortgage adviser will assess your new financial circumstances, review the current mortgage market and the product transfer options you have with your current lender, to ensure that the borrowing on your new home is on the most competitive terms.

We'll also review your protection insurance policies and make sure that adequate cover is in place.

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Going forward, you'll have a trusted mortgage adviser who fully understands your financial needs. We'll provide an annual mortgage review where we look at your current circumstances and the mortgage market to recommend the right deal for you - whether its best that you remortgage or complete a product transfer with your current lender.