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Why Self Build

Value for Money

The British love DIY and one reason is that you get more for your money when you miss out the middle man. The same goes for building a house when the housing developer or even building contractor is by-passed.

The project can be divided up into various including land, materials, labour and, in the case of a housing developer, 'profit'. The profit that would normally have been taken by a developer would be approximately one third of the value of the house - this is now your profit when you sell it!

Of course, the builder or developer has to earn his money just like you will if you decide to embark on a self build. However, although the task can be challenging it is nowhere near as difficult as some may think, especially with companies like BuildStore around.

The pro's massively outweigh the cons and 20,000 people are now building their dream home every year as well as going on to do more afterwards.

There may be self builders who prefer to build to a similar specification as the housing developers do then pocket the increased equity when they sell on. However, in general, self builders use the extra money in their budget to improve bathroom, kitchen and joinery fittings throughout the house in order to improve the experience of living there.