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Five impressive self build homes

Being creative can be expressed through many forms; music, art, and even designing really cool homes. The following article will show you some of the most exciting, innovative, and expressive house designs on earth. These homes really stand out from the typical urban landscape that may surround them.

World's Slimmest House
If you thought your house was cramped, wait until you see this. Coming in at number one is the Keret House, which is one of the world’s slimmest houses, it was built in Poland by designer and sole resident, Jakub Szczesny.

The whole idea behind the design came from Jakub’s philosophy of making use of every urban space so that it doesn’t go unused. The house has been more or less jammed between two other buildings and is measured to be 152 centimetres at its widest point, this house could be described as an extreme minimalists dream home.

News House NA

Fully Transparent House
If you’re crazy about getting the perfect selfie, then you’ll love this next house. You’ll never have to worry about finding some good lighting in this fully transparent house based in Tokyo.

The project was inspired by the story of how our ancestors had lived in trees to escape predators, this home really takes you back to your evolutionary roots. Also, from the looks of things, there’s a toilet, so you’ll be in full view of the neighbours.

Star Trek

Star Trek Themed Flat
Offering a real galactic experience is this Star Trek themed flat that was built by Tony Alleyne. The Sci-Fi obsessed Tony had decked his flat out with a computerised flight deck, voice-activated lighting and out of this world sound effect to truly immerse himself in the Star Trek universe.

However, Tony's enthusiasm wasn’t shared by his partner who filed for divorce. The property was handed over to his ex-wife, the property was also listed on Rightmove at one point for £70,000.

Sliding House
Sliding House

A Slide-tastic House
Some people just never lose their inner child, and it really shows in this really cool house design. If you’re looking at the house from the outside, you’d easily mistake this for just another typical family home.

However, two ways of getting around the various floors of the building, include taking the stairs and then sliding down to another level. The three-story slide house in Japan is a child’s dream.

Cave House

A Caveman’s Dream House
If you want to really channel your inner caveman, without the attached downsides of the lifestyle; like only living until you’re 30 and the constant fear of being carried off by a 10ft bird, this is the house for you.

The house was built into a large cave in the side of a mountain. The 15,000-square-foot build is an outstanding example of taking advantage of geothermal heating, which significantly reduces the costs of air conditioning and the electricity bill.

The home was built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper, they put the house on sale due to the housing crisis with a minimum bid of just $300,000.

Images: Keret House © Adrian Grycuk News House © Nicolás Boullosa