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BuildStore's short term funding team are on hand to answer any questions you have with regard to a bridging loan. Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked.

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Bridging Loans

Bridging Loan FAQs

No, we can secure lending on residential, semi-commercial, commercial properties and land regardless of the construction type and use. We cpmsoder all property types including main residence, rental properties, shops, offices, HMOs, flats, hotels and bungalows.

In the case of bridging there is no maximum loan amount; but for most cases time period set is 12 - 24 months. For regulated cases, the loan period can't be more than 12 months.

No, we don't require proof of income but we will assess your client's financial standing. The amount you can borrow is not based on income and affordability, it's based on the project LTVs and your contribution.

We can lend to people with all types of credit histories for example CCJs, IVAs or discharged bankruptcy will be considered. Give us a call to see if we can help.

Following our initial discussions, providing all our requirements are met, a Decision in Principle can usually be made on the same day of your enquiry. Indicative terms can be given on the spot.

Communication and disclosure of information is key. This will affect how quickly the process will take. Funds will generally be released with 7 - 28 days.

As bridging loans are for the short-term, you must have a clear exit strategy in place. This can be as simple as an inheritance, or sale of a property or even refinancing a property. Whatever the reason, a clear exit strategy will need to evidenced, so that the lender can be satisfied as to how this will be paid back at the end of the term.

Many lenders charge defaults if the loan goes over term, so if you run into a problem and it looks likely you will run over the term, we can help find a solution. This could be agreeing to extend the loan or refinancing with another lender.

At BuildStore, we don't charge anything for a Decision in Principle. Once your application has gone through, we will instruct a valuation and you will be required to pay for your valuation before a formal offer is produced.

Yes, as long as your property has sufficient equity in it after deducting the outstanding mortgage balance.

A Bridging loan is effectively a short term funding solution to bridge a gap. It can be invaluable in emergency cashflow situations such as fulfilling an urgent HMRC tax bill or saving a property chain from collapse. Bridging loans can be arranged very quickly but cost more than development finance or a regular loan. A development loan is less expensive however it takes longer to arrange - weeks rather than days.

Bridging loan arrangement fees are a percentage of the loan. Around 2% is standard. As well as the arrangement fee, you may have valuation fees, legal fees, and exit fees. These requirements vary from lender to lender. From your first call, we will explain clearly what we can offer, and the costs and timescales.