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Moving Home

Whether you're looking to buy a bigger property and borrow more, or you want to downsize to release some equity, our expert advisers can help.

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Your Mortgage Options

Moving Home

With current low interest rates and providing you have a good credit rating - there's never been a better time to buy.

Moving on to your next house should be an exciting time in your life. But to make your dream home a reality - and to ensure it's affordable once you get there - it's crucial that you get the right mortgage deal. Our advisers will search thousands of mortgages, including many exclusives, to find the deal that suits your specific needs.

Different types of mortgage
In the current climate we're enjoying low interest rates but with rumblings that these may start to climb, it's important to carefully consider the type of mortgage that will suit your circumstances best.

Gives you the security of knowing exactly what you are paying over an agreed period

Similar to fixed rate but the lender provides a discounted rate for an agreed period usually their SVR minus a percentage. At the end of the discount period, the mortgage will usually revert to the standard variable rate, so it's important to get expert advice in advance of this.

This means you'll benefit when rates are low, but you need to remember this can change if interest rates rise again

This usually tracks the Bank of England base rate and means you'll benefit most when interest rates are low or falling.