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Financing a self build

BuildStore Mortgage Services is the UK’s leading expert in self build finance and we have worked with well known banks and building societies to create a range of exclusive self build mortgages, to help you find the ideal way of financing your project.

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Self Build

Financing a Self Build

At BuildStore, our mortgage advisers understand what’s important in terms of getting the right mortgage for your self build home. Lenders will have certain criteria when it comes to your location, affordability, income & construction method you’ve chosen. It’s our job to source a lender with criteria that meets all of these stipulations.

Our number one priority will be your cashflow and ensuring sufficient funds are available, at the right time during your build. The lowest interest rate is of little consequence if cash isn't available when you need it, to pay for your bills. If you run out of cash during the build and can’t meet your payment terms, expensive issues and delays onsite are inevitable.

Your adviser will prepare a bespoke cashflow for your build, prepare and assess your build costs to ensure they are realistic, and ultimately source a mortgage that will deliver a completed home. Once we've done that, we'll look for the right deal for your individual circumstances.

Your interest rate should be seen as a short term cost (6 -18 months) to get you through your build, after which you have the option to switch onto the lender’s lower traditional mortgage rate or switch to another provider.

To keep costs low during your build, BuildStore's exclusive mortgage products offer interest only payments, and you will only pay interest on funds as they are drawn down.

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Interest Only Example

With a loan amount of £250,000 your monthly mortgage payments for an interest only self build mortgage would actually be less than that of a traditional repayment mortgage.

During the build: between 6.49-8.59% Interest only

Build complete: 5.5-6% Repayment.

In the current market these numbers are changing on a rapid basis and we advise you contact us directly for the current rates.

A further benefit provided by BuildStore's exclusive mortgages is that you can continue to live in your current home during the build. Our panel of lenders all understand that you need to live somewhere during the build, whether that’s in your current home, renting or living onsite, and will therefore factor this into their affordability calculations.

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