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preparing for your build

There are lots of ways you can prepare for your build. BuildStore Mortgage Services offers a Pre Build Mortgage Review service too so that you can gauge your overall budget and borrowing options early on.

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Preparing for your Build

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail - as the saying goes. If you're planning to build, renovate or convert a property, it's a good idea to get some expert advice early on, and have a clear understanding of your budget and borrowing options.

Check how much you can borrow
If you were to buy an existing residential property, you would check how much you could borrow before you start looking. It’s no different when it comes to a renovation or conversion, it’s even more important as there are so many factors to consider.

Check your plans are mortgageable
Buying and paying for the property, cashflow, build costs, construction type, planning permission, affordability and where you’ll live during the build can all impact on your finances. So before you start looking for an opportunity or think about the design and materials to be used for your new home, you’ll need to know that your plans are affordable and mortgageable.

Get a free pre build mortgage review
At BuildStore we offer a free, no obligation Pre Build Mortgage Review which is designed to give you a head start when preparing for your project - giving you an early indication of your budget, how much you can borrow and the overall funds available for your future project. By reviewing your current financial situation, we could also possibly save you money on your existing mortgage payments. To arrange a free Pre Build Mortgage Review call 0345 223 4888 or click here.

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Top Tips: Getting Prepared

  • Discuss your borrowing options with a specialist mortgage adviser, like BuildStore
  • Work out your budget and costs early on
  • Make sure your chosen build type and design is mortgageable
  • Have a clear and realistic build cost breakdown
  • Check your credit score before the lender does
  • Clear any credit cards and overdrafts where possible
  • Make sure your bank statements show a responsible spending pattern